Gothic Lolita

What Is Gothic Lolita?

Gothic Lolita is just one of the dozen or more derivative styles of Lolita fashion; it happens to also be one of the most popular. As you might have guessed, Gothic Lolita combines Lolita and Goth fashion; generally darker Victorian infused feminine clothing. It’s one of the many forms of fashion around the world that […]

The Gothic Lolita Bible

Honestly, the best way to sum up the Gothic & Lolita Bible, is to say “Hey, this book combines two of the most attractive things to alt chicks out there, –good writing and elaborate (expensive) costume fashion!” Which is essentially what the book is; it’s like a way better version of Cosmo, but for people […]

Malice Mizer & Mana

Malice Mizer is what’s known as a “visual kei” band. Visual kei is the Japanese equivalent of 70s glam rock; except that Japanese go for bright colors and an androgynous look, with much more elaborate costumes and makeup. Malice Mizer was one of the most popular groups in the visual kei genre, and with frontmen […]

Other Lolita Fashions

There are many varieties of Lolita fashion; if you’ve been experimenting with Lolita costumes and haven’t yet found your niche, you can check some of these out. First, a short list of the most self-explanatory forms of Lolita fashion, and below it, some of the more complex styles, with some explanation beside it. Princess Lolita […]

The Lolita Argument

What is the wholesale attraction Gothic Lolita style and subculture? It has the appeal of being controversial. There are two sides to the argument of Lolita fashion and culture: Opposition: Lolita fashion appeals to pedophiles and glorifies the Lolicon culture; the style was developed in order to entertain men with an inclination towards underage, prepubescent […]

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